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Responsive web design for Northern Fire & Safety

Posted in Brochure Websites | Website Design & Build on 24th January 2013 by

Is it a standard website?  Is it a mobile website?  It’s both!

We have recently launched a new website build for Northern Fire & Safety.  Instead of a separate mobile website our client requested one website that would work seamlessly on a standard computer screen, tablets and mobiles.  In order to achieve this we developed the site using responsive web design.

Each section of the site is designed to fold or hide depending on the screen resolution and in turn present the most efficient version of the page without losing key content.

Northern Fire & Safety Responsive Designs

An example would be the main menu.  On a standard resolution this stretches the full width of the screen but if viewed on a mobile phone it folds until each link is underneath each other with much larger buttons for touch screen if required.  The word “˜Home’ has also now been replaced with a home icon and placed at the top of the screen for easy access.  These small tweaks improve usability for the customer and navigation through the site.

Main menu on a full screen

Main menu on a mobile device

On top of the responsive design the website was w3 validated to HTML5 standards and built with a CMS so the customer is able to easily add, update and delete page content as they need.

Overall we’re very pleased with the finished look and look forward to future projects with Northern Fire & Safety.

If you like what you’ve seen or would like to enquire about developing a responsive website with us contact one of our team or leave a comment below!

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