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SMS marketing is one of the most interactive marketing tools available. You can target your customers instantly with promotions, offers and news strengthening your brand or company image.

Reduce costs, save time

Using SMS marketing for promotional activities saves not only the cost of stamps, paper and envelopes, but also the time it takes to stuff them and post them. 97% of messages are opened instantly, so your customers almost always get your message, making SMS marketing a cost effective way to keep everyone informed and up to date. SMS marketing can also reduce inbound calls and queries, freeing up your time and saving you even more money.

So what would I use SMS Marketing for?

SMS marketing can be used for a wide variety of applications. Many use it for promotional activities, targeting a database for age groups or interests, events or holidays. Others find SMS marketing a very successful way of managing debt, sending polite SMS reminders when an account goes into arrears. SMS marketing can also keep customers up to date with orders and delivery information, quotes or appointments; or keep staff up to date by informing them about successfully reaching targets and sales figures for motivational purposes. The list goes on and on.

Email Marketing

Bespoke one off HTML email designs and integrated HTML email campaigns are a vital tool in digital marketing. HTML emails are a great way to communicate to precise target audiences, and can be tracked with analytics, meaning you can measure how successful a campaign has been. We have many years of experience in HTML email creation which enables us to tailor designs with the objective of maximising click throughs, and in turn the response can lead to an increase of sales in a short space of time.

We can manage the process in its entirety, planning, designing, developing and facilitating your HTML email campaign send out. For full managed email campaigns, please get in touch.
We segment and target specific groups within each mailing to ensure we achieve massive click-through and conversion rates. Every email is personalised and tracked with client access to comprehensive dynamic campaign monitoring systems.

Email Marketing Benefits

Cost effective – email marketing offers substantial savings compared to traditional print methods

1. Targeted – segment your email list, personalise your email and build conditional emails through our powerful sending software.

2. Trackable – monitor deliverability, opens, clicks and even set actions based on recipient clicks within the email. Use this data to improve campaign effectiveness in future email sends.

3. Immediate delivery – turn round marketing campaigns quickly, schedule send times and be confident in a rapid delivery through our high capacity servers.

4. Drive website traffic – deep link directly to a relevant website pages with more information, and get your target audience engaging with your site.

Urban Feather’s team combines both creative and technical expertise, so you can be sure our email marketing service will achieve outstanding results.

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