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client approval checklist

A feather in your cap – Apr 20

Posted in Our Work | Useful | What We Do on 20th April 2016 by

Client Approval Checklist

Our tip this week is to provide you with your very own client approval checklist.

You’ve received your proof ready for it to be sent to print or set live online. Now what?

After a quick scan, it looks good and seems fine so you give approval and it’s off to the printers or the big green PUBLISH button is pressed.

But what happens if something slips through the net, be it a spelling error or slightly inconsistent formatting or something else? We are all human after all and even after two design studio proof-reads, something can creep through undetected. Mistakes online can be more easily rectified but printed mistakes can result in a very costly reprint, because after all”┬Žit was approved.

So it might just be worth giving proofs a closer look just to make sure. Here are some of the key things we recommend client’s check on any proof received:

  • Spelling
  • Capitalisation
  • Punctuation
  • Legibility
  • Spacing
  • Consistency
  • Branding
  • Contact information

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