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Copyright Protection Extended

Posted in News | Things We Like | Useful on 7th November 2016 by

Could you be using copyrighted material?

I recently read an interesting article in the FSB’s Voice magazine regarding the change in Copyright Laws within the UK. The January deadline is almost upon us. Have you checked whether you comply?

From July 28th 2016, the period of copyright protection has been extended to 70 years after a designer dies for any artistic work of which more than 50 copies have been produced. Previously, the period of copyright protection was limited to 25 years after the work was first created.

The reforms will affect firms that reproduce or use artistic works, including designers, publishers and replica goods manufacturers. Business owners who are currently using the previous 25-year limit to produce materials such as website content, replicas and catalogues may find themselves using photographs, designs or artwork that have regained their copyright protection as a result of the legislative changes.

The Intellectual Property Office has allowed a six-month transition period to give business owners time to comply. The transition period ends on 28th January 2017. After this date, copyright holders will be able to take legal action.

For further information, visit the www.gov.uk website or read another interesting article from Design Week


(Article content from the FSB’s The Voice Magazine, issue Nov/Dec 2016)