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Creating A Good First Impression – Guest Blog

Posted in General | Guest Blog | Things We Like | Useful on 9th June 2016 by

Today, we’re delighted to be posting our first guest blog which comes from Michelle at San Pietro Restaurant & Rooms. Knowing how essential a first impression can be, especially in her industry, we’re extremely grateful to Michelle for taking the time to put this together.

So now it’s over to Michelle…

The Essential First Impression

San Pietro EntranceAt San Pietro we understand the importance of making a good first impression. Success in the hospitality industry depends greatly on the experience your customer receives, and their first engagement with your service is critical to the success of your future customer relationship.

We take a lot of time at San Pietro to plan our guest’s experience to ensure we have the best opportunity to create a positive & lasting “good” first impression. A strong brand identity is a key part of this. Urban Feather “get” how important this really is and their expertise in graphics, websites and online marketing are all helping San Pietro to reinforce its corporate identity and brand.

San Pietro BarWe are also proud that many local businesses have recognised the benefit San Pietro can play in creating their own first impression with visiting clients & new employees. Knowing that San Pietro is committed to delivering a “great experience” helps take that pressure away from them, allowing them to focus on their own guest.

– Michelle Catalano, MD at San Pietro

Well we hope you found that as useful as we certainly did. Thanks again to Michelle for taking the time to write this for us. If you’d like to submit a guest blog, send an email to contact@urbanfeather.com with details about your idea.

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