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A feather in your cap – Mar 30

Posted in General | Our Work | Things We Like | Useful on 30th March 2016 by

Professionals V Amateurs

Our tip of the week this week comes as result to a response we sometimes receive when dealing with potential new clients: “I’ve found someone who will do it cheaper elsewhere”.

So we thought we would look into a well-known, yet often ignored business phrase: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, you should try hiring an amateur”.

We’ve all heard it too often about the friend around the corner who does it in their spare time and can put something together for half the price. Yet here are some things to consider”¦

  1. If the friend does it in their spare time, how long will it take them to complete the project? Can you afford to be waiting for the project to be completed? You could potentially be losing out on income as they insist they’ll “get round to it”.
  2. What happens if that person encounters a bug or issue that they don’t have the knowledge/experience to deal with? You’ll have to get in outside help which will, of course, cost extra.
  3. What happens if the project doesn’t go to plan and isn’t completed? Then even more money must be invested in finding someone up to the job and hiring them instead.

‘Now we aren’t saying those things are guaranteed to happen. They may even do a brilliant job!

But”¦it might be worthwhile stopping and just considering:

  • Why are they cheaper?
  • Am I going to have a quality end result?
  • Am I actually going to save any money in the long run?

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