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Posted in Urban Feather on 22nd February 2019 by

Ey up! Beth and Ellie here. Just dropping in to let everyone know we made it through the first 2 weeks at Urban Feather with our lives and employment status intact.

My name is Ellie and I’m working on the web side of the office, as Richards minion and protégé. I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple weeks, soaking up all the information I possibly could. Richard is doing a bang-up job teaching me the ins and outs of code and has even let me loose to apply some fixes this week! I tested my new-found knowledge by building a little test website. It was super fun if a little challenging and certainly got my creative juices flowing. I’m also loving the support side, getting to know all you lovely customers and helping where ever I may be needed!

My names Beth and I’m working on the customer service side, currently involving many spreadsheets and licking many many envelopes. I have had the best week and feel I genuinely have learnt so much already. I am excited to build relationships with our customers, some of whom I’ve already had the pleasure of speaking to and I look forward to being the first point of contact for any queries!

We’ve learnt many new things this week both relevant to the job and not, including a few interesting facts about each other. For instance, Richard will never admit it, but he loves Frozen and Trolls however he does not share that same love for hot drinks. Jamie puts away an impressive yet horrifying amount of KFC. Ellie has a deep hatred for pizza but an obsession for her dog as she’s a self-confessed crazy dog lady. Beth has finally learnt to reverse bay park but has yet to enjoy a nice kebab on toast during work hours. Kate has a soft spot for hockey and biscuits and makes the best office environment!

We’ll check in and give you another status update in a few weeks time…….hopefully!