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WordPress pages displaying 404

Posted in Useful | WordPress on 31st October 2012 by

We recently had an issue reported to us regarding missing pages on the front end of a WordPress powered site.  This is the solution that worked for us.

After logging in to the back end of the site we could see the pages.  Phew!

Ok, the pages are still there but now to find out where they are hiding in the front end.  We opened one of the pages in WordPress and changed from published to draft.  It worked!  We could preview the page now.  So, surely now all we had to do is republish and everything would be fixed right?  Wrong.

As that didn’t work we decided to Google the problem and came across a few people that had experienced the same problem within the last week, in particular this article.

Just to summarise the instructions given:

  • Hover over ‘Settings’ in the left navigation of your admin.
  • Click on ‘Permalinks’ in the drop down.
  • Don’t click anything other than ‘Save Changes’.
  • Check that your pages are back.

Settings drop down with Permalinks highlighted

We still don’t know the reason the pages disappeared in the first place but we know one thing…it worked!

Have you experienced the same issues before?  Did the above work for you?  Leave a comment below or contact us to discuss further.