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Google AdWords

How do you get to page one on Google when you don’t have the time or resources to pump into a long-term SEO strategy? You advertise with Google AdWords and pay per click. AdWords allows highly targeted and trackable results whilst offering you complete control over what you spend. An AdWords Certified Account Manager can guide you through the process as a recognised expert in their field.

For help with advertising your next offer or for a regular Google presence, take a look at our Google AdWords packages here.


Google Analytics

To truly understand how well a website is performing, an understanding of how its users are behaving must be established. One method in achieving this is with Google Analytics. Analytics allows a business to track all activity on its website including the setting of goals and events. It also enables businesses to produce reports on their website’s performance to guide their SEO strategies.

For help with setting up Analytics or for our website performance reporting packages, click here.


Google My Business

When Google has over 1.2 billion unique users per month, it’s imperative that a business is found by people searching in its area. Thanks to Google My Business this is a lot easier than it used to be. With a My Business account, a business can have its opening times and contact information all easily available on a search engine results page when a user is searching in its area.

For help with setting up a Google My Business account or to find out how we can grow your local presence, look here.


Google Plus

Google’s very own social network is the place to be. While still relatively new, it’s best to get on board sooner rather than later with it already being the second ranked social network for active users. Connected to My Business and YouTube, Google+ gives you access to a wealth of communities talking about a broad range of topics and interests.

For help setting up a Google+ account or to have us manage your account , view our social media packages here.

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