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1.We meet you

The first, vital step in getting your project underway is to get together. Whether it be over a coffee and a casual conversation or a more formal meeting, we can introduce ourselves, share our work and talk about your new project. We’ll listen to your requirements, what you want to achieve and get an idea of who your customers and competitors are.

Once we’re back in the studio, we’ll revisit the information, complete any research and put together a proposed project plan, outlining the site structure and functionality.

2.We design

Once we’ve agreed the site structure, our design team “get creative”. We’ll produce visuals and mock-ups to give you an idea of how your website will look and feel. Our designers work with you, listening to feedback, to effectively communicating your ideas onto the web.

3.We develop

When the design is approved by you, our experienced web developers build and programme the site to bring everything together. We’ll also develop your Content Management System should your site require one.

Once your site is built, we will upload it to an area on the web for testing. Here you can preview it, test it and use it until you’re happy with the way it’s functioning. If you need to make any changes we can complete them before launch.

4.We launch your site

When the development is approved, we’ll switch your site live – making it available for everyone to see and use. We’ll assess the site for any post launch issues and once we’re happy that the live site is functioning OK we’ll let you know.

5.Your business grows

After launch, we’ll work with you to help drive traffic to your site and grow your project. Ask us about using social media, developing online marketing strategies and using your brand to promote your website.

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