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About Urban Feather


Urban Feather Limited are one of the leading design and marketing consultancies in the region. From our North Lincolnshire base we help companies to promote themselves, to raise awareness of their company image and of their brand.

From print media to websites, we provide what you need

With over fifteen years industry experience, we have raised the profile of businesses across the country and our many satisfied clients bear witness to our ability to create solutions that are not only highly professional, but also highly individual.

Our professional approach

By listening to our clients and analysing your needs, we find out your aims, your visions, your aspirations and what drives them, developing solutions that work.

The creative industry never sleeps. Ask any designer, any copywriter, any photographer and they’ll all tell you the same – ideas come at the most unlikely times, often in the middle of the night or whilst driving down the motorway. At Urban Feather we live for those moments, exploring all opportunities, designing with passion, with flair and with confidence, creating the ultimate solution to your brief.

Why choose us?

  • We are experts in our field
  • We have the education to prove it
  • We’ve been developing for over 10 years
  • We are easy to work with!
  • Our work is our passion!
  • We are digital media pros
  • We are results driven!
  • We have a proven track record

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With a dedicated team of designers we are committed to helping you promote your business. Our staff welcome a challenge and are always available to listen, suggest and solve your marketing problems whether they be online or offline, in the UK or abroad.

We’re UK Based

You can rest assured that every project we design and develop is made in the United Kingdom. We won’t outsource your project overseas. We believe that our best work comes with clear communication, with no language barriers and where every member of the development team can communicate together at the same time.

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