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Why you should really think about your domain and hosting

Finding the perfect website domain can be difficult but our experts can assist you to choose the best option for your business.  With so many domain endings the options are almost endless.

In comparison, website hosting is one of those technical requirements that must be in place for a website to be active on the internet.

What is hosting?

Not to be confused with a website domain, website hosting is the location of your website files. Without this, your website will not be available to people using the internet. We work closely with our UK hosting provider to host your website and emails in a professional cloud-based environment. Our hosts are GDPR, ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant and they provide offsite daily backups to ensure we have a reliable copy of your data should the need arise.

Do you already have hosting elsewhere?

Most of our clients take out monthly or annual hosting with us when they have their website built. We do, however, realise that some clients may already have a website. That’s okay too!

In this instance, we will assess your current website code, to make sure it’s compatible with our server, and help you to transfer, with minimal downtime.

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