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Shopify Partners

As Shopify Partners, we can develop your e-commerce website on Shopify to professional standards. The platform is an excellent e-commerce solution with outstanding 24/7 support.

Our web team can work with you to either develop a custom theme for your brand or suggest a supported Shopify theme.

Our Shopify Packages

Not ready for a custom theme yet? Speak to one of the Urban Feather team about one of our Shopify packages.

Shopify has a selection of high quality free and paid themes that you are able to benefit from. As part of our Shopify packages, we will set your website up with a custom theme and can provide ongoing support over 12 months, depending on the chosen package.

24/7 Support

Building your e-commerce website on Shopify provides a great platform for your website but, as an added bonus, Shopify also has excellent 24/7 support. This means that if you need to ask a question at a weekend at 10pm, you can be sure your business doesn’t stop.


Urban Feather took time to understand our corporate philosophy and way of working before starting to develop our product, and this was extremely valuable in ensuring the end result fulfilled all our expectations first time.

Mark Hilton, AYR
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