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How to use the Shopify Product Reviews app to build trust on your e-commerce store

If you’re looking to sell more products on your Shopify store, one of the most reliable methods of achieving this is through building trust.

Why building trust is important

If you’re going to part with your hard-earned cash, you’d ideally like to know that what you’re getting is what you’re paying for. The same can be said for your customers. If there is any uncertainty, they may go to a competitor who they feel they can trust more.

Think about when you’re purchasing online, if a product has a lot of positive reviews, that gives you confidence that you’ll be getting quality. Therefore you’ll be more likely to buy. If a product has no reviews, you may feel like a test subject for something that nobody has ever bought before. Which for high-value products in particular, can be intensified more so, making a purchase seem like a gamble on your part.

Of course, negative reviews can have an even more severe adverse effect, but we’re going to go ahead and assume that you have total confidence in your product.

Find and install the app on your store

So how do you go about getting product reviews on your store? Well through the Shopify Product Reviews app of course!

To find it:

  • First log in to your Shopify store.
  • Next navigate to the Apps area through the navigation menu.
  • In the top right corner, click on the button that says ‘Visit the Shopify App Store’.
  • In the search bar, type in ‘Product Reviews’ and click on the search icon.
  • Click on the Product Reviews app (it’s the one with a white star on a yellow background)
  • Click on the ‘Add app’ button.
  • You’ll then be redirected back to your Shopify account where can click on the ‘Install app’ button.
  • After the app has installed, you’ll then be presented with instructions on how to add the required code to your website (this will vary depending on the theme you’re using and where you’d like the star ratings to appear).
  • Once you’ve added the code to your desired area, click the ‘Verify and continue’ button.
  • Providing everything has been added correctly, you can then click the ‘Dismiss’ button on the confirmation.
  • That’s it. Customers will now be able to leave product reviews on your Shopify store.

What next?

Now that you’re all set up comes the important bit, getting those customer convincing reviews!

Well the good news is that people love to leave reviews of products they’re delighted with, so if you’re selling an amazing product, the reviews should start flooding in.

You’ll also want to heavily promote this new feature everywhere that your existing customers will see it. Be that on social media, through your email marketing strategy or with a printed reminder that you send out with every order.

The more reviews you can gain, the more convincing and trustworthy your site will appear.

If you’d like more help, whether that’s with setting up the code or with coming up with a strategy to generate reviews, get in touch here.

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