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What are all of these digital marketing terms?



They’re a lot less complicated than they sound, phew!

In this new way of life since Corona, everyone has had to fast-track in to the online world. It can feel an unfamiliar place with new fangled terms!


So many people have said recently that they are embarrassed not to know what digital marketing is & we totally understand where they are coming from.


Digital marketing literally means getting your brand noticed online!


Where you would previously have sent out a letter or leaflet to clients, you can now have email marketing.


This helps you to express yourself authentically in much less time & also more frequently than before.


You can also set up templates to brand your emails with your logo, colours & fonts – perfect!





Where you would have had regular advertisements you can now have the online version, the same thing in principal, just called Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Microsoft Ads.


The term PPC is used a lot and all it means is ‘Pay Per Click’, where the cost of your advertising is based on how many people click on your advert.


SEO means ‘Search Engine Optimisation’,  this is making sure that your website can easily be found & stand out amongst the billions of others on the internet. Great SEO gets you on the first page of Google search results, which means you are instantly visible to potential clients, yay!



You can update your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Linked In a few times a week to reach a much wider audience than if you stayed offline.


With beautiful photos & written updates it’s the perfect way to make sure your brand is visible & easily accessible to clients.


Social Media Management means getting someone else in to do the planning, ideas & posting for you!


If you want to know more, speak to our resident digital marketing experts Richard & Jamie, they would love to get you started on your Urban Feather adventure!


Much love, Chlo

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